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.Net Core 2.2.6 Purepaths


I'm trying to investigate some slowdowns within some .Net Core code and the purepath is not very helpful I just seem to have the IIS web request -> Sync invocation -> AspNetCore WebRequest -> Async invocation -> SyncWork -> Async Invocation.

Is there some setup I haven't done to get further insights into the .net core code itself (method names etc) or do I have to instrument them myself?

Believe we are running latest one agent 1.175.270

.Net Core 2.2.6 running under IIS


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

The issue is that, there are executions of your internal code methods. In such case you may not see them on purepath without putting extra sensors using Request Attributes. To investigate it, pick some sort of purepaths that mathes the same patterns (ex. url + response time X s +) ans then drill down into method hotpots. You will see what part of your code keeps more time on CPU and what less.

If you will find method that may bee root cause create Request attribute based on .NET Method:

Restart your process and you will see it on purepath. You can make on top of it custom service as well if this will be better for you.


Regards, Sebastian

The problem is I don't see any of the methods underneath the first call in .NET Core, under ASP .NET or other older C# I see a progression of the method calls and see requests out to third party libraries without me having to add any Custom service detection. Had hoped I would see the calls out to the v9 IBM MQ library with the deep monitoring add on that I can now see from our older component. I'll carry on adding custom services but just wondered if I hadn't got the.Net Core monitoring setup correctly?

Did you check method hotspots for larger amount of purepaths? In general, for .NET core it may be somwhere issue with collecting full purepaths without adding extra request attributes or custom services. For example there is only MQ communication inside, which sometime may not be correctly monitored out of the box. In such cases you need helpt DT to see full transaction.


Regards, Sebastian

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