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New W3C Element Timing API Support


An exciting new feature known as Element timing is now in draft mode per the W3C. According to the draft "This specification gives developers and analytics providers an API to measure rendering timestamps of critical elements."


This would allow for the insertion of simple code into the HTML to measure such things as critical text on a page or an image., It's different than the LCP since it allows the developer to specify which element to measure.

Question: Since this is based on browser type, I wanted to know if a future release of Dynatrace will support this API. 


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Great Question. Hopefully a PM can provide some insight on the roadmap for this. You can also reach out to your CSM and see about getting a custom plugin/extension built up for this. As a last resort, an RFE would allow you to voice your need and the PM can comment and even mark that RFE as "Planned", "Not planned" etc... 


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