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Not able to ingest application log files using OneAgent on a Fargate container


I have deployed OneAgent onto my Fargate container which is primarily running nginx and Flask/Python with uWSGI.

The container shows as a host through Hosts Classic fine.

  • The application log file is written to /var/log/app/ as action.log which should meet the security criteria.
  • The container root file system is read-only.
  • A number of volumes and mount points have been added for
    • logging nginx and uWSGI,
    • OneAgent logs and datastorage,
    • /tmp and
    • /var/log/app directory structure.

Under the host I'm not seeing any automatically detected logs so have tried to add /var/log/app

I have added

  • A custom log source, against the nginx log source context and path /var/log/app/*
  • A log ingest rule for /var/log/app/action.log

Despite this I am still not able to see the logs being ingested in Logs & Events.

I do have logs ingesting from my EC2 hosts without issue.

Any help would be welcome.



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