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Nothing showing in transactions and services filter for particular application


Nothing showing in transactions and services filter for particular application. I get prompt: "You have no monitored services ", although one agent is already installed on the app servers and these were reporting fine till last couple of days. Also I am able to see the services being discovered when I see at host level. Not sure suddenly how transactions and services got disappeared although no change made.

Has anyone experienced similar issue ?



Hi Rohit,

When you say you are filtering by a particular application in Transactions and Services, is this application name a tag that you have on the various services for that application? If you are trying to filter by a tag that does not exist on the services, you will not see any results. Can you paste a screenshot showing the Transaction and services page with your filter already applied and a screenshot of the service page for one of the services that should be part of this?



Hi NJ,

This filter is based on the management zone we created for this application. Also what i observe we are not able to see any of the services for that application as well.

Something is wrong with this management zone. When you disable it to see all data, are your services available?


Regards, Sebastian

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