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OS Service Monitoring Rule not Retained when Switching Agent to Different Env


I'm having to switch a lot of our agents to a different environment. After doing some testing it seems that if you have OS service monitoring objects (policies) setup, they do not get carried over to the new envioronment. It seems you can see the service showing at the host level when you switch the agent to the other env but when you go to the host settings it is not there.

I can't imagine this is by design. I would think the agent knows of all the config items setup (os services, custom anomaly detection settings at the host level, etc) and stores it via a config file so why can't we simply have the agent read from that file and apply the settings in the new env? Can someone please confirm what is expected here. For reference I only tested with an os service. This is concerning for us to know the various things setup at the host level do not get carried over. I've tested with the latest agent version of 1.263.138


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


I think it is a expected behaviour. You can use Monaco to migrate configurations between environments.

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I'd rather know for sure if this is expected behavior before considering introducing more work to setup terraform and learn all of that, we don't use it in our env for dynatrace configs.

It would be preferable of course for this to simply be supported. If the agent knows of the config items setup for the os services (assuming it to be he agent rather then the cluster) then I would think switching the tenant the agent talks to shouldn't matter.

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