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OneAgent Download Error in Dynatrace Managed


Hi I'm getting this error under Dynatraced Managed Installation.

Problem occurred during download of Dynatrace OneAgent from Mission Control: download failed with error: transfer was not completed in 30 minutes

2019-03-18 18:31:06 UTC Downloading file ... url: proxy:
2019-03-18 19:01:06 UTC Downloading file ... failed, error: 10 - download failed with error: transfer was not completed in 30 minutes
2019-03-18 19:01:06 UTC Downloading Dynatrace OneAgent for self monitoring .. failed

I retry this action and get the same output running the

Any help would be appreciated



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hello @Daniel S.

Make sure you have a full internet access through proxy to download the OneAgent within time and also outbound communication to Dynatrace Mission Control is allowed on the proxy.

Have a look on the below link for more insight.





Did you install Dynatrace Managed or Dynatrace Managed Offline?

Do you have free place in directory /opt/Dynatrace/ ? One agent need 4 GB fee place on it

You can chose one agent directory. Use next parameter with installation:

--agent-dir <path> — Allows installation of self-monitoring OneAgent to a different directory. For example, on Linux: /bin/sh --agent-dir /data/dynatrace/.

With --agent-dir set to /data/dynatrace/, the installer creates the symbolic link /opt/dynatrace/oneagent -> /data/dynatrace and all OneAgent files are placed into the specified directory (in this example, /data/dynatrace). Note that this symbolic link needs to be removed manually, once OneAgent has been uninstalled. Using this parameter on Linux when SELinux is enabled requires the semanage binary to be available on your system.

2. Also you can disable installation of self-monitoring OneAgent. And upload manually through CMC interface

--install-agent <on|off> — Enable/disable installation of self-monitoring OneAgent. The default value is on.

Also you must look installetion log. There you can see more information about error

Thanks, I install Dynatrace Managed

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