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OneAgent on MS Windows - Recovery actions under services


We would like to know how are Dynatrace Users using OneAgent on Windows servers handling/recovering the OneAgent shutdowns or any other failures.

1. We would like to know if someone shutdown the OneAgent thru the service - How can we get alerted versus just reporting as offline?

2. If OneAgent crashes for whatever reason can we set the recovery actions to restart and on the 3rd attempt send an alert to supporting team.

Any insights is greatly appreciated.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

1 If the oneagent gets turned off, then the UI will alert you that monitoring is unavailable - as set by your Alert Profile and via the Alert integration.

2 I have not heard of this before, im not 100% sure about setting recovery actions but you can alert the supporting team any time that the oneagent/host is unmonitored.


Thank you @Chad T.

We have tried shutting down the OneAgent thru Windows services all we saw was Server Offline but not a Problem alert ( Note : We don't want to turn on the Grace full shutdown ON)

On the second item below is the screenshot for a different process but the concept is still the same for OneAgent hope it helps?


@Raj C. you should be altered on it even without the graceful shutdown being turned on. Dynatrace will detect when the process goes unmonitored:

and then alert when that arises based off of this rule:


@Chad T. We just tried again and we don't see alerts being generated, when the OneAgent service was taken down. Once the Agent is back online it shows the host as unmonitored during the downtime, but no alerting was kicked off when the Agent offline.

Once again thank you for your response.

Thanks for the update on this. At this point I would recommend putting in a support ticket for this. I also tried to ensure that the anomaly detection settings were set to alert what that oneagnet process is turned off, but it doesn't give me the ability to set that.


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