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Oneagent uses two activates


Hi there,

We've deployed multiple OneAgents and two ActiveGates in Azure. Our deployment setup looks like this:

- The activegates are deployed on two separate vm's (namely an acc server and a prod server) in the same subnet, logically they have different ip addresses. 

- The OneAgents installations on the vm's are also separated by an acceptance and production stage. It's good to know that we've installed the OneAgent on the VM via VM Extensions offered by Microsoft. In the configuration of the Extension you can add the endpoint to which the OneAgent sends the logs. The acc VM's are logging to the acc ActiveGate and the prod vm's are logging to the prod ActiveGate.

The weird thing is, I can see in the Dynatrace gui that the OneAgents are logging to both (or at least connected to both ActiveGates) ActiveGates. But how is this possible? Seeing as we are hardcoding the IP addresses into the VM Extension configuration, I'm really confused as to how and why this is happening.

Could someone clarify this to me?



Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

You might wanna look into configuring Network Zones if you want to encourage the OneAgent to take a specific ActiveGate to route its traffic.

However, the agent is going try to send the data to the Dynatrace Cluster by any means necessary, you can try checking the communication endpoints for your hosts using the oneagentctl:


Hope it helps.

Eric Yu | LATAM ACE Consultant

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