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Out of the Box Log ingestion


hello everyone,

 I am new to the product of dynatrace but old to APM and Monitoring!

i been looking at log ingestion, my question is the product should surely be able to read in and automatically start to monitor log files for errors? example i have an Apache server on a ubuntu machine, the product correctly worked this out via the oneAgent, however it still needs hand holding to tell it what to monitor, surely these are standard answers on what to monitor and glean from a log, 

Example i am monitoring ORACLE - OK...AHA ORACLE SERVER ..OK i will start monitoring the ORACLE ALERT LOG for ORA-XXXX errors straight away, 

this should be part of the discovery and standard monitoring --> sure enough after this many years you know what to look for in which logs for COTS applications/middleware etc???


sorry if i have asked a silly question or because my implementation hasnt worked correctlym thanks Jamil Hussain!


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


Dynatrace has logs powered by Grail and log classic monitoring. Do you know what you are using?

I share link to offitial log documentation.

Best regards

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