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PCF app instances partially present in Dynatrace


Hi Dynatrace world

we installed the oneagent into our PCF apps following your docs, Option 1: Create a user-provided service using the Dynatrace SaaS command:

cf cups dynatrace-service -p "environmentid, apitoken" 

We correctly linked this service to our Pivotal apps, but after that we realized that some instances were not present into the Dynatrace Hosts view. It seems a problem of app naming.

We have some SpringBoot apps with a naming like these:

- backend-ch1-finance-domain

- backend-ch2-finance-domain

we activated the PCF autoscaling and we should have the same situation:

- 4 instances for the channel 1 (ch1)

- 2 instances for the channel 2 (ch2)

If I check the Dynatrace Hosts we only saw 4 of these instances:

- backend-ch2-finance-domain_0

- backend-ch2-finance-domain_1

- backend-ch1-finance-domain_2

- backend-ch1-finance-domain_3

but I expected also:

- backend-ch1-finance-domain_0

- backend-ch1-finance-domain_1

I think the problem is related the fact that when Dynatrace tries to install the agent into the instances, it considers something like this (* instead the number present into the app name) : "backend-ch*-finance-domain".

Could you please suggest me a solution?



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@silvano_mautone  were you able to resolve this issue? If so can you please share with us what the solution was? 



hI @ChadTuner
no, we finally changed cloud solution. Now with Amazon EKS we haven't similar issues

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