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Pie chart for a log or bizevent data


Hello people

    I need to create a pie chart based on the data that comes from BIZEVENT.


I'm not sure if I should create a metric, a custom metric, or something like that. Please help me. Thank you in advance


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hey Ellery,

If the platform is soon to be an option for you, you can create pie charts using notebooks or the new dashboards for bizevent/log data. Edit visualizations for Notebooks and Dashboards | Dynatrace Docs. The docs for pie charts takes you back to dashboards classic but they are available.

If the platform is not soon to be an option I would recommend turning them into a metric to allow for more complex visualizations as the following docs don't mention pie charts as being supported in that view. Logs and events viewer | Dynatrace Docs

Hope this helps!

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