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Please stop the free advertising with logging v2

DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

Please stop trying to advertise this capability to non Administrators, we already bought the product, we don't need internal advertising.  Also, many of the users are not involved in the business decisions, budgets, and monitoring strategy. So, these types of message postings only make things worse for DT regarding their image internally.




The only thing ok in the below image for non-Administrators is, "You don't have permission to add logs to storage.".   Trust me, they know who to contact if they don't have permission.  Please don't try to advertise and sell them on more logging.   Our company has a strategy, payment plan, rules, and onboarding process regarding all logging.  If my service users need more logging, they have been internally trained and already know where to go to submit requests.




The final Point-of-view is that the two images above use up 80% of the users screen. So, for the things they're actually there to do. It's squeezed in at the bottom 20% of the screen.   Some of them couldn't even find the Run Query button because it scrolled off the page due to all these images.







Thank you for the feedback. The current plan is to:

  1. Keep displaying this teaser to Admins (that have rights to migrate to LM v2).
  2. Allow user to close this teaser via: “Do not show me this message anymore”.

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