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Possible Bug on Logs Analytics Metrics to Dashboard.

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hello, I'm creating differents metrics from Logs Analytics and inserted into a chart to a Dashboard. I want to check http codes output from a log. The format of the log is JSON.

I download the log to check manually, I went to Logs. I select the log, then the query field is blank and the filter for the column is ie: _json_status=200 and I add the metric as number. I do the same for all the different from 200, just filtering by entering _json_status!=200

I also tried extracting columns, using "\"status\":%{INTEGER:StatusCode}\," and then filter by StatusCode and finally i tried doing a Log Ocurrences option and not numeric, (Here I only can select Sum as an aggregation function) but I always receive the same number in all of them, the number changes, but for all is at a given time, the same.

This is not possible, because I query the .log and I receive the following for all the log:

Just 200 filter:

another error different from 200:

and rest of the world.

Is this a bug or I'm doing something wrong?

How can I obtain the Count for the 200 code and the count for the rest?


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Hey @Daniel S. - could you please share screenshot showing one of metric definition? I think that problem is in "Filter for" which is not included in metric definition (it's not possible in product right now).

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