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Possible fixes approach for code and purepath flaw - "Requests executed in background threads"


I am running a Performance Test(PT) for one of my nodejs microservice. The data journey includes couple of Kafka Consumers and MongoDB calls.

Below is my data journey flow:

Topic-A Consumer -> Process and create a mongo document -> Produce a message to another Kafka topic Topic-B -> Topic-B Consumer -> Process and create a mongo documents -> End

I am facing 2 problems here with Dynatrace:
1. The above journey is broken in PurePath and backtrace. I can see the gree journey but the red is categorised as "Requests executed in background threads of ...." . I am not able to see above as a complete journey in PurePath. After looking at some example and use cases, It seems, this issue is by design and treats the red flow as some kind of worker-job. How can I combine both of above journey so I can see them all in a single PurePath? Should I do that? if No, What else I can try for these kind of data view?

2. My database is not listed with all other dbs🙈. The Dynatrace is installed on Host.

Any help or guidance is appreciated 🙏 


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@sp-suresh were you able to get this issue resolved? If so can you please share with the community what you had to do to remove the classification of "Requests executed in background threads of ...."


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