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Problem with log monitoring

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hi Team,

We have a problem with log monitoring. The problem depends on that the log is properly detected by agent and it is corelated with proper process, but we don't see any data related to this log in log monitoring tab. We're sure that log lines are incoming to this file. We have enabled log monitoring 23th March 2023 and we saw some logs incoming, but after this day we can't see anything. We have tried to restart OneAgent. In the log analytics process was stopped forcefully.

[2023-03-27 10:05:13.243 UTC] [001d0ad1] [info   ] [oneagentloganalytics] [PROCESS TERMINATED] PID: 1903348
[2023-03-27 10:05:13.243 UTC] [001d0ad1] [info   ] [oneagentloganalytics] [PROCESS TERMINATED] Duration: 3.230643485s, termination: 1.019818394s
[2023-03-27 10:05:13.243 UTC] [001d0ad1] [info   ] [oneagentloganalytics] [PROCESS TERMINATED] Exit code: EC_OK, exited normally with code 0, code expected: true
[2023-03-27 10:05:13.243 UTC] [001d0ad1] [info   ] [oneagentloganalytics] [PROCESS TERMINATED] Exit reason: PROCESS_STOPPED
[2023-03-27 10:05:13.243 UTC] [001d0ad1] [info   ] [oneagentloganalytics] [PROCESS TERMINATED] Process restart: disabled, never restart proccess on launcher state change
[2023-03-27 10:05:13.243 UTC] [001d0ad1] [info   ] [oneagentloganalytics] Quitting restart loop after process stop due to next state queued
[2023-03-27 10:05:13.243 UTC] [001d0ad1] [info   ] [oneagentloganalytics] [StateQueue] RUNNING -> *STOPPED

I'd appreciate your help.


Have a nice day!


So basically the log analytic process is not running on the host? Strange because even if I disable log monitoring during installation, the process runs for my hosts. Maybe just try reinstalling the agent? Could be that after updating or something like that, the agent or some components broke down?


#Performance matter!

Will reinstall OA in the coming days and let you know.


Have a nice day!

Thank you:) Restart it's work for me 🙂 

Have a nice day!

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