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Process group Detection rule: advanced detection rules (api)

Hi everyone,

I'm used to configure advanced detection rules for process group especially when Dynatrace autoname process instance with long strings and recursive information.


I'm trying to achieve a more complex configuration, not by WebUI, but via API v2 (Settings - Objects). My question is then the following:

inside the json payload, can I specify multiple values in the "istanceExtraction" field?

Thanks to anyone who will know better on the matter 🙂


I don't know specifically how this field reacts but have you taken a look at the settings schema's? There is an API which provides the exact schema definition for each schema version.

Hi @Bert_VanderHeyd ,

I made many attempts to push configurations but I was not succesfull I then proceeded to ask directly to internal Dynatrace support, from which I'm waiting for a feedback 🙂

Meanwhile I've checked on the schema as you suggested:


I can read it but it doesn't have so much meaning to me 🙂 does "maxObjects" determine the numer of rules that I can define for the processIstanceExtraction?

Thank you for your time,




I was later confirmed that I cannot specify multiple values in the "istanceExtraction" field and the "maxObjects"  is defining the maximum number values configurable.



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