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Programmatically define custom service entry methods for .NET services


Is there a way to programmatically define custom entry points for creating distributed traces as part of .NET application code?  My current company uses Dynatrace and we have to work with the operational team to use some sort of UI within Dynatrace to discover classes and select a particular method.  Developers are not given access to this functionality (it sounds global rather than scoped to our apps).  If developers refactor our code, we can break this making the integration fragile.

By comparison, competitor's products (NewRelic and DataDog) offer .NET nuget packages that we can just annotate and method and we're done.  What's the equivalent for Dynatrace?  Can OpenTelemetry help me out here somehow?

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You can create custom services for this

look at the documentation page

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This is what we do today, but it's a manual task via the Dynatrace UI correct?  We need something that is baked into code, so that when our app deploys it has the proper entry points instrumented.

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


You can check Monaco, custom services is supported.

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