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PurePath Duration in Dynatrace


Good day

In Appmon, we had a PurePath Duration metrics, but in Dynatrace does not have it.

Dynatrace have a metrics: Response time and Processing time

This does not correspond to the metric that is required to analyze the entire transaction

I give a description that I found on the AppMon forum:

Response Time: is the Total Execution time of the Entry Point Method that starts the PurePath (=Exec Time Root Node).

Duration: This is the time from the First Event we receive from a PurePath until the last Event that we receive.

Does anyone know if there is a PurePath Duration metric in the roadmap?

Or maybe can we calculated it using SDK?


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hello @Mikhail A.

Have a glance at the below links. It may a little help you out.

Service analysis operates with many different timings, describing the behavior of the service.

The elapsed time from when the first byte of the server response is received until either when the last byte of the current document of the response is received or when the response completes, whichever happens first.

The duration of a user action can be broken down into three components:

  • Network time: the time required for data transfer
  • Server time: the time consumed on the server side
  • Frontend time: the time required for the browser to render the page



Hello @Babar Q.

Thank you for link!

Ok, this is my Purepath.

Which metric need I use you to display time of 14 second on dashboard Custom chart ?

Hello @Mikhail A.

You have the following 3 options to plot the chart and verify:

  • Server Side Response time (The time between moments when PurePath is started on the server-side and when the response is sent back to the client.)
  • Processing Time (The duration of the PurePath from start to end.)
  • Execution time (The total time is taken to execute the code.)



@Babar Q.

I did not find Execution time metric for chart and for creating in UI

Could you please show me screen this metrics on UI?

Could you please say me which metric i need you for my case (see my screen)

Hello @Mikhail A.

In this situation, you can rely on the Response time.



sorry, could you see my screen?

I specifically noted that I need 14 seconds on the chart

Also You can see that response time and processing time for this purepath = 856ms

Also Could you please show me screen for Execution time metrics on UI?

And how can I create it for request ?


Hello @Mikhail A.

OK, I understand. Can you try to plot the chart with the Client-Side response time and check?



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