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Purepath, Throughput and Response Time capture via DT for non controller based applications


We have a component on Production which is not based on REST API and has no controller but the entry point is a Kafka Listener class. From this class there is a service class call which in turn calls a REST API. However we can't trace that Rest calls from the "Throughput" details screen. The only throughput we can see is that from Spring Admin server calls made from the svc. So if any Spring Boot application doesn't have a Controller or is not based on a typical API based design pattern we can't monitor pure paths/ throughputs/ check average response times? Then how is the Spring Actuator calls getting tracked?We have one more upcoming component which will also be based on JMS listeners(akka actors) and takes high volume traffic. So how can DT be leveraged for calculation of TPS, tracking purepaths?




DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

You can define a custom service with the right entry point methods to start your PurePaths.

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Thanks could you clarify on "Dissociated transactions" which will not help capture the required metrics even with a custom service. Suppose I have a component which is event based. Lets say this is component A which is reading message from Tibco EMS and then generates a event. Component B listens to this event and saves the data in database and again generates another event. Component C listens to this event raised by component B and calls a Rest API by reading the data from DB. So do we define 3 custom services - A, B and C to capture the metrics?

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