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Purepath, blank in execution time graph



I have been investigating some requests that take an awful long time to finish and in most of them I see the same thing. In PurePath I see long periods where the Execution Time graph is blank. See image below.

To me it seems that nothing is happening, but why? What is the blank space an indication of?

Thanks in advance.


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You could see the code insight. at the moment of a long time. But your screenshot shows you have at least 48% suspension in that trace... so might be that.


Hi Dante, thank you for the reply. Is "code insight" a feature of DynaTrace or do you mean something else by that? 🙂

The 48 % suspension is up to things like Garbage Collection in .Net as far as I know. Do you agree or do you know what if it can be caused by something else?

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When you go to the code level or timing tab It should show additional info. The calls are to the same DB? What you might be able to see there is if there was a lock.

Take this for example:

Also DB calls, in this case

The 6 seconds space is 6seconds of lock in the execution at the moment that calls the

System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection (System.Data.dll )

You might have the answer at the code level details.

There are calls to 2 DBs and 1 Apache Solr instance. It seems there are very little locking time from what I see on the Timing tab, but a lot of suspension time. Do you have any idea what the suspension can be caused by, if not DB locking?

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