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RFE: Ability to sort agents (like the Agent Overview view in AppMon) in Dynatrace


We have a rather large environment. In AppMon, I could easily go out to the "Agents Overview" and sort/search for agents by version, name, status, etc I could easily grab a list of agents that needed to be restarted and hand that over to our admins. In DT Managed, it's a bit of a nightmare to easily get a list of agents that need to be restarted. Any way you can make this a little bit easier for us?


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

I think what you want is a view that show you all processes that need restart due to an agent update or in order to be injected correct?

This is currently being done by the deployment overview but we know that it is not convenient to use in a bigger environment and are looking into improvements here.

Another option is to use the existing topology api:

It exposes the monitoring state for each process which contains a "restartRequired" field, I assume that is what you want?

The same API also contains the agent versions deployed on hosts.

Thank you Michael! We have reviewed this option. It does provide some good information, but the Host ID instead of the display name (hostname) is listed. I didn't see agent version (I might have missed it) but saw the software technology version (ex. the Java version being used by the monitored entity). I'd still like to have a view similar to the Agent Overview we had in AppMon - or at least a way to search/filter maybe??

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