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RabbitMQ distributed trace response time


Hi all, we've noticed the distributed trace response time not counting the interactions with RabbitMQ into the distributed trace Response Time.

I have 2 examples where we can see the difference between the whole distributed trace tracing time into the waterfall chart while the Response Time is lower than it.


  • That's a distributed trace which starts into an API, it has interactions with atomic services and them goes into 2 RabbitMQ topics which are not being counted on the response time. At first we didn't notice it because the RabbitMQ interactions happens at the end of the distributed trace and takes little time.


  • However, in the second case, our distributed trace starts on a RabbitMQ and goes processing further on APIs and MQs. As you can see from the image, the Response Time is showing as 16.2ms (which is basically the time it spends in the first MQ), while the time it took to process the whole request was almost 2 seconds.


I would like to know how could we get the whole response time/processing time since it seems to be breaking those times for every interaction we have using RabbitMQ, even though Dynatrace is showing the whole tracing corretly.


I didn't knew if this case is supposed to be an RFE or an issue, which is why I came to the community.


Thank you folks.


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hi, please create a support case, so we can look directly at the purepaths in question.

You can mention me / or this conversation here, so its easier for support to direct this to me.



Hi Josef, I've opened a support case (SUP-52513), which got the response that is working as designed and to get the overall response time I would need to post as an RFE.

Hey, did you ever raise an RFE for this?

Found it and upvoted.

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