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Requesting more detail on "Further improvements to OneAgent security for Windows and Linux"

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

I was just reading the new blog post on "Further improvements to OneAgent security for Windows and Linux".

One thing not mentioned in that post is how to deal with pre-existing installations of the OneAgent on both Linux and Windows. Does this mean that we will need to go back and do an uninstall and reinstall of each and every OneAgent?





In order to make OneAgent use Local System or Local Service built-in Windows accounts OneAgent needs to go through the installation or update process. So you basically have two options.

1. Full reinstall. Probably a less desired option, but you might also want to move OneAgent to a different folder, for example.

2. Manual update. In this case you need to run the installer of OneAgent (the same you download from Deploy Dynatrace screen in Dynatrace UI) and run it manually with USER parameter. The installer will detect that it is expected to perform an update process and will redeploy its modules in newer version and make them use a system accounts instead of a local account.

Moving on, we'll probably streamline this change in the auto update process as well.



Principal Product Manager @ Dynatrace

Yes, streamlining the process would be a huge help. Thanks!

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