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Response Time Hotspot shows Apache Internals as top findings


Hi All,

Dynatrace response time hotspot shows Apache internals as top findings. How to analyse the same as no further details available?




As that is the service execution time, maybe you select a purePath to see what exactly is happening and where exactly is service execution taking time.

Hi Akshay,

I have checked the same and it shows all the time was spent at web request apache shown below

Mohit, is this complete purepath.

I suspect, there is more information if you go down in purePath to see where exactly this time is been spend.

The 1.38min you see if at Apache side, its breakdown is there below if you scroll. Let me know if you get required information.

Actually it is complete PurePath. The question is if Apache configuration is done properly (not in Dynatrace, in General). There are multiple parameters that can be reasons of performance problems. Is it often to see such transactions freezed on apache?


Regards, Sebastian

Can you hover on the apache web, and see why exactly is it taking that high self time.

Is it CPU/network/IO etc

Hi Akshay,

Yes, this is the complete purepath after synchronous invocation the request goes to JBoss server and there is no issue in JBoss server.

Also below is the snapshot as requested.

Hi Sebastian,

The team has checked the configuration and unable to identify the issue as the issue occures intermittently. We are suspecting the issue from Network or OS level configuration.