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Response time comparison with Load runner Vs Dynatrace


Hi Team,

I got a problem statement, I have a workload model where I will ramp up 100 users with the steady state of 30 mins and again I will ramp up 100 more users with steady state of 30 mins ,on top of this 200 user load, I will add 100 more users with steady state of 30 mins again and ramp down. In this case, i see a contradict on response time comparing between load runner results and dynatrace results.

Kindly share your views. Please fins the below workload model nd Response time comparison.



User Load

LR Response time

Dynatrace Response time
100 5 secs 5 secs
200 7 secs 7 secs
300 10 secs

3 secs



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

What kind of response time are you looking at in Dynatrace? If on service level than you will se time to return response from server. Load runner is working on different host so you have to consider network time as well. Are you sure that you are also looking at the same aggregation in both tools? Default in Dynatrace is median. You have run those 300 users from one host? Maybe the problem was with loadrunner itself, he cannot access to application host as fast as previously because of network and huge traffic?


Regards, Sebastian