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SAP ABAP Job Monitoring Capabilities?


Hi, Is it feasible to do the Job monitoring for the SAP ABAP jobs in dynatrace? Also, what are the capabilities and added advantages? Any link to it would be helpful.



Hello Rajesh.

SAP ABAP supported only on process layer. You will haven`t "service layer" for processes running on these hosts with ABAP. (We tried to install OneAgent on such hosts)

SAP is great monitored by NAM.



1. I would like to know at what granularity we can monitor the SAP ABAP interface job using NAM/DCRUM?

The current requirement is monitor to aggregate the outputs (pass, fail, partial pass) statuses for 50+ interface jobs in a single view.

2. At process layer what monitoring details we can get from the dynatrace?

Management is very keen on this requirement, can this be fulfilled. 🙂


Can we see the SAP Job monitoring in future? Can this be implemented in future? Shall I raise RFE ?

I've been preaching for this for quite some time, but I have to repeat myself. I love Dynatrace, but I wish they would partner for their SAP monitoring with Syslink Xandria, this would have made my life so much easier.


We have installed OneAgent on the AIX. How can we check the process related metrics of SAP ABAP jobs? Any hint?

OneAgent on AIX recognizes SAP processes and monitors them individually (as process groups created per each SAP SID). but there is a limitation, currently - OneAgent on AIX doesn't tag SAP processes with SAP technology identity, so all these show up as "other" in Dynatrace. This is different than with SAP process recognition on Windows and Linux, where correct SAP technology tagging takes place. This limitation will be addresses in one of the upcoming OneAgent updates.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion


We are working on SAP ABAP platform monitoring extension for Dynatrace. Check for some insight on what to expect and to sign up for Early Access Program.

Regarding AIX specifics: SAP processes will be recognized by OneAgent, but they won't show up as SAP technology. This is current limitation on AIX only, it will be addressed in upcoming OneAgent updates.

Please note: our focus is now of ABAP platform monitoring, we don't have specific plans regarding RUM for SAP. But we are open for discussion and suggestions, under the EAP program.

Best regards

Hi Kris,

The ABAP plugin looks great. Do you happen to have any knowledge as to how this data compares with that of SAP Solution Manager? Based on my past experience with various SAP monitoring solutions, the first response from SAP specialists is usually "we already see this via SolMan" 🙂

SAP plugin provides a very small subset of data available in SolMan. Yes they have it all in SolMan, but in SolMan they don't have what OneAgent provides on underlying vertical stack on which SAP runs and what it knows about horizontal dependencies around SAP (what SAP hosts/processes depend on and what depends on them). This is the difference we bring: we put SAP in context of the whole IT ecosystem. The fact that we use the same metrics as SolMan should help SAP admins and infrastructure owners to have common language when discussing SAP performance dependencies from underlying infrastructure.

Dynatrace will never replace SolMan. Its not the goal to replace SolMan, nor any other deep-dive SAP management tool. Dynatrace aim is to provide what SolMan doesn't do and use plugin data as a link between SolMan world and whole-IT landscape.

Thank you for the thorough answer Kris, appreciate your insight on this.

Good afternoon,.
I have some Windows and Linux servers and I want to monitor SAP ABAP to monitor them on Dynatrace just install OneAgent because my contract does not include the extension that was released. Is there any way to monitor them without installing the extension? Dynatrace SAP ABAP platform monitoring?


Current implementation of the SAP platform monitoring uses ActiveGate extension. This capability is in Preview stage, which means that for the testing purposes you don't need to contract metrics for it. We encourage you to try it and provide feedback on whet it already delivers and what it should deliver for better value.

For example - what exactly are you looking to monitor for the jobs? What counters/metrics? What attributes/dimensions? Why - what problems ware you looking to and or avoid this way? This would help us respond with the best approach to you needs.

BTW, in the future, we may change the way how extension works and make it a part of OneAgent, but at his stage it's too early to decide on the best approach. Preview phase need to finish first, then we would know what are the key use cases that customers like you value most and that will drive the best solution architecture.


We did the proof of concept using remote plugin, it was fantastic !

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