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[SAP] odata API monitoring


Hi there,


we're currently monitoring SAP Instances using the ABAP Plugin. This plugin seems only to see actions which are coming through the SAP GUI.


The issue we have is that some middleware calls SAP via the odata API, and we'd like to know how well those transactions are going. It seems we can't seem to find any information about those call in Dynatrace.


OData Documentation by SAP: Introduction to OData and how to implement them in ABAP | SAP Blogs



Is there a way to get information about this web services in Dynatrace?




DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@STiAT I dont see Odata as being support but were you able to get the info/metrics into Dynatrace? If so are you able to share that with the community? 


Hi Chad, no, sadly we did not get that to work. We went another route actually writing a middleware and integrating with SAP SolMan with a custom integration. This works fine, but was quite some extra work (since we had to implement that in solman and integrate with SNMP, which did not work with the dynatrace trap receiver either, so we implemented it in our own middleware).

SAP integration is sadly pretty bad, but we're not pouring a lot of effort into that right now since we're migrating to S4/HANA and try to re-assess the situation there.

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