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SalesForce APM Support using Dynatrace FullStack


I'm investigating APM solutions for a SalesForce hosted application? Does anyone know if the SalesForce vendor allows for Dynatrace One agents to be installed on their application tier? We need full end-to-end performance diagnostics of real-user transactions which include back-end calls outside of the SalesForce cloud. The Dynatrace One agent would provide many of the monitoring and alerting metrics that we would need, but I'm unclear if agent instrumentation is allowed.


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

I don't believe that installation of OneAgent's are possible. We have currently a lot of challenges with some changes on Salesforce side when customers are using Salesforce Lightning applications. At the moment even "just" real user monitoring is not working because of the Locker Service.

We try to find the right contacts at Salesforce, but customers also active asking for Support of Dynatace will also help

Hi Alexander, do you know if the integration between Salesforce Service Cloud / Salesforce Sales Cloud and Dynatrace is planned in roadmap?

In the following link (, Dynatrace says it is capable to monitor Salesforce Commerce solution, but is there something with the others modules?


Hi Alexander, we have a requirement to implement Agentless RUM on salesforce lightning applications. Please let me know if there is any documentation available or a link to get more information on feasability of getting this done.Thanks!


Thanks Alexander. I was afraid that was going to be the response. I'm wondering if UEM metrics could be collected with manual inclusion of Dynatrace JavaScript snippets for beacon collection is possible.

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