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Set resolution to SLO


Hey guys,

I am creating a new SLO using the dynatrace feature. Before that, I have created and testing my metrics on dynatrace data explorer

So I have something like that:"dt.entity.service",entitySelector("type(service),tag(~"CONTAINER:my-container-name~")")))

 This brings to me a total of requests as you can see



But I need to get the total amount in a different resolution, instead of 1 minute. I need to a 5 minutes resolution. In the data explorer, there is a resolution field on Settings that I can change it easily


Its works!

But now I need to use this in my SLO. For example:

(("dt.entity.service",entitySelector("type(service),tag(~"CONTAINER:my-container-name~")"))):partition("latency",value("good",gt(1000))):splitBy():count:default(0)) / (1 *100))


Everything is ok. I mean the results of this query is ok. But the problem is that the SLO resolution is 1 minute and this affects the SLO result. Is it possible to change the SLO resolution to other value than 1 ?


PS.: I already know that dynatrace works with auto resolution according to the time range that is selected. But in this scenario is not useful for me. I would like to set my own SLO resolution


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