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Some of the fields in firewall logs is missing in dynatrace logs , but it showung in fluentd linux machine rsyslog


We are forwarding fortigate firewall traffic logs from fortinanalyzer as syalog message to the linux machine (rsyslog) /var/log/messages  in that machine we installed fluentd . From rsyslog fluentd will receive the logs and forward to dyna trace using api token.

The logs in dynatrace have some of the fields are missing like devicename , serial no

how to get the fields in dynatrace ?


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

I recommend using the Metric API to put this data as a metric into Dynatrace with a simple script.

Have a nice day!

I forwarded the syslog CEF format , now i can able to get all those fields. Thanks for your input.

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