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Synthetic monitors string validation


To make a long story short, we have synthetic monitors setup to watch a webpage. On this webpage the synthetic monitor will monitor if success is shown on page. If the webpage does not say success if should go into failure

I tell Dynatrace , in response validation to pass if success. We verified the page says success but dynatrace throws an error and says validate text match fail.

If I flip this to say dynatrace response validation : fail if success and the HTML never changed, still says success, it begins working.

Anyone have this type of behavior while setting up a synthetic monitor to watch an HTML page text?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi @rvandel3,


are you using an HTTP monitor or a browser monitor for this? HTTP monitors only execute single requests and don't parse/render the response, load additional resources or even execute JavaScript.

A browser monitor should definitely be able to fulfil your use case. You can find some details regarding available content validation options here:

Kind regards,



Correct , I set it up correct, it reads the file correct, but fails if success and pass if fail, for whatever reason , it is doing the opposite of what we would like. I still have to work with our dynatrace admin team to try and let them know whats wrong, Thought perhaps someone in the community has had their logic actually perform backwards like mine and knows a fix

Sorry to answer first question,
The company has it in the process to cover syn mon VIA http setups.

Thing is, this all worked before, for some reason it will not work any longer unless you put that logic in there backwards


it only works this way.
it will pass if it should fail 
it will fail when it should pass


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