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Tag by process name for Dynatrace ActiveGate does not apply to hosts



I found some issue - Tag by process name for Dynatrace ActiveGate does not apply to hosts

My rule (I checked the box - Apply to underlying hosts maching processgroups)


Tag work for process:


But it does not work for AG Host:

Do you have any idia?


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

In theory it should work. can you confirm that you see the "Activegate" as a Process running on the host to the right of the page (not included in your screen cap)? If so, Im not quite sure why it isn't working. Might be a bug that Dynatrace will need to resolve. I would recommend opening a support ticket. You can also pass Custom Metadata and put the value "Activegate" and then have the tag rule apply based off of that.


Hello Chad, thank you for response.

No, in host page I do not see ActiveGate in Process section.

But I see it in process details by host

we need the tags at the host level, because we have a lot ActiveGate and they we need to ease the construction of dashboards and search of AG host

Thanks for the screen shots! I totally understand the use case and the need. Your settings are correct and should work. Its interesting that Dynatrace is hiding its own AG Process. Id recommend opening a support ticket on this, as this behavior is deviating form the normal functionality of the UI.


DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

I have raised an RFE a while ago:

Please vote 🙂

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