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The current support process of Dynatrace SaaS/Managed

What exactly is the process right now?

For example, sometimes some of my colleagues open a support ticket and is being looked into (like other usual NAM ticket or AppMon ticket do) while sometimes my ticket would immediately get a reply like this:

So I am not quite sure why sometimes I get this while sometimes I didn't. Also, I've use in-product Chat functionality before but didn't get back any reply. So I would like to sure that in-product chat is something like these?




Hi Wai,

I don't think that's the live chat you have there. The "Contact us" popup just seems to send an email to Dynatrace while the live chat actually sometimes gets you an immediate answer. It should look like this:

That'll also create a ticket in the Dynatrace support system.

best regards


Thanks Franz,

Any idea what's the pre-requisite to get the live-chat feature? 'cause I don't see any actually.

Hi Wai,

we used to only have the "Contact us" field, too. But that was changed with an update a few versions ago. This seems like a SaaS tenant judging by the achievements, correct? Is there maybe some setting in the configuration? In Managed it looks like this:

best regards

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