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The function of "Management Zones"



I have two questions about "Management Zones".

1. Has it been released?

I know that Management Zones was announced at Perform2018 and I had a look at the following page.

I just tried to make a trial of dynatrace saas (ver.1.137.175) but I couldn't find any "Management Zones" items on "Settings -> Preferences" as the above page shows.

Should I add any settings to the environment to activate Management Zones?

Or hasn't it been released yet? If so, could you tell me when it will be released?

2. What can we do using "Management Zones"?

I guess that, by "Management Zones", we can set restrictions on edit/view and etc per layer(Applications,Services,Process,Hosts.)

We want to especially manage the browsing rights.

For example, there are 3 dynatrace users and they are named as A,B,C and the monitored system consists of Host X and Y.

Here, what I want to do via dynatrace is that;

A can inspect both of Host X and Host Y.

B can inspect only Host X.

C can inspect only Host Y.

Thus, I want to know the restrictions inside each layer.

Or, I'd like to set the such restrictions per Applications,Services and Processes.

Is it possible by using "Management Zones"?



Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hey @Kohei S.,

1) Management zones is still in EAP (Early Access Program), therefore it is not officially available yet. However, you may ask to participate in the EAP under certain conditions.

2) Management zones enable defining fine grained access rights to parts of an environment. A Management zone consists of a set of entities like applications, hosts, process groups, or services. For each Management zone you can define which user groups have access to them. This way you can ensure the confidentiality of certain parts of an environment and still keep an end to end view across all components for the users that need it.

To answer you question: Yes, this is possible.
Just specify the individual tags for a management zone. You can then assign this MZ to a specific user group and only members of that group are able to see components of that MZ.

Hi @Max K.,

Thanks for your very kind explanation!

I understand that we can use MZ only in the EAP now and define fine grained access rights to parts of an environment!

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