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The meaning of all data types listed in documentation, and also clarification on their data retention & storage requirement

As shown in diagram above, in right hand side I got a documentation page that shows 3 data type; in left hand side there are 6.

May I know how do they mapped to each other?

Currently I am answering customer question of "list down how much disk space I need if I want to have data retention of 90 days." In my opinion, I think I need to know this 'Mapping' to properly estimate the sizing for customer before they provision servers.

Also, if any fellow community member happens to have a way to answer my customer question without knowing how to read the two.....'different' documentation page, I would be much appreciate it.

Best Regards,

Wai Keat



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


actually nobody will tell your client how much storage he need to get 90 days retention time. Important information is that metrics data will never expire. They will be loosing granulity but you will have information about response time, failure rates, cpu etc. Data that are missing after some time are RUM visits and Code Level visibility. Generally having this data for such huge amount of time i waisting storage. We have multiple installation of Appmon and Dynatrace across Poland and there where never need for going back such time.

Those storage values are calculated as estimation for amount of hosts and some general amount of traffic. If your environment has really huge amount of traffic data will take more memory and your data retention will be shorter. For Dynatrace most of the time we are preparing storage 500GB - 1TB and we are changing retention settings to use whole of that. Most of the time (large environments) 14 days data retention is what we are ending with and it's enaugh. As I said to you this is mostly correlated to user sessions and code level visibility.


Regards, Sebastian

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