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The toggle of OneAgent mode isn't available when Quota reached?

Is that the case? If yes, I don't think it make sense and want to raise a RFE for it.


Example, my current consumption is 14.6 HU out of 15 HU in the license. Then I got another 8GB host I want to monitor, I know if can't be full-stack, that's why we actually intend to run it as cloud-infra.


Now, the weird thing, I must enable it as cloud-infra during installation? Customer to install as default (i.e full-stack) first then only we would go to its setting to switch it to cloud-infra, but the thing is that for the host that is unmonitored, the option/button to toggle monitoring mode isn't present.


This doesn't makes sense, we want to toggle the monitoring mode so that the exceeded quota can be lowered, yet Dynatrace is stopping me from doing this.


Example given above is just one of the case, what about if customer wants to change the mode of some existing OA to full-stack while some existing OA to cloud-infra? does that means they must change to cloud-infra first before they can change to full-stack? this doesn't brings any flexibility in terms of tools operation.


In this case you should discuss it with the support.







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