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Trigger Agent Restart remotely


Hello, Is there any way or trick to trigger an Agent restart remotely where access to the host is restricted so the oneagentctl is not available. Previously it was possible via the Deployment Status page by setting the Host Group value to be the same as it currently was. The Host Group rename would trigger an Agent restart in the background. But this appears to have been blocked now and changing it to temporary value and then changing it back can cause brief but noticeable changes. Is there any other way a Restart can be remotely triggered?


DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

Why do you need to restart agent ? You are right, even API call to set same hostGroup parameter with restart=true doesn't trigger restart with same hostGroup value.
Setting different HG parameter is not a good idea, because lot of configuration is usually bound to HG name (process group detection, tags, ...).

Alanata a.s.


When there is issues with the Agent a failed update for example. I can set some parameters with an API call but an Agent restart is required. For a vast majority of our Host we cannot directly access the host so the oneagentctl is now available.

I was hoping there would be another way of triggering a restart. It's a pity that under the Deployment Status page one of the Options isn't to trigger a restart.

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