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Unable to Monitor services in Docker Image GO



in a fresh Ubuntu 22 with docker installed.

I am trying to  monitor this example in order to validate this documentation

But i am facing some problems. even after reboot the machine, restart the docker, delete the image. i was unable to achieve the monitoring of the image. i know that its monitoring the  process but its not  monitoring the services. 

SO: Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS

Docker: Docker version 20.10.21, build baeda1f

OneAgent version:



Do anyone have a valid working example of a api (with the services detected) build in Go that its working with dynatrace ? like in the demo,

i try some of us that we are using without success, i try this

our last hope to monitor go image was the example 7 and is not working neither. 


Pas: GjNxjTYAL2

any advice would be appreciated

Thank you In advance

fuelled by coffee and curiosity.

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

There are a few limitations with go Monitoring, be sure to check out the documentation.

Dynatrace Certified Master - Dynatrace Partner -


Thank you pahofmann

as i said, i just validated all and the app comply with all of them. even i am using a example from google that works if the oneagent its running on the server, but its not working if i am trying to monitor only the image. 

the last logs i am getting show me some hints but i cant understand why it stops 



========= Agent state DISABLED has changed to true. Current agent.state: MANUALLY_STOPPED ===================
[native] SensorBase: Sensor 'Go.ClientWebRequest': agent initialization unsuccessful

but as i said. i am not getting any advance. our intention its to find a configuration that the agent can work. because in the demo there is a api in docker with go working with the agent 


fuelled by coffee and curiosity.


Does anyone have a template of a Docker image of a api build in go ?  that dynatrace can monitor ?

fuelled by coffee and curiosity.

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