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Unable to see application server in monitoring



We had installed OneAgent on one app server. Initially I was showing in monitoring overview section. But later we disabled monitoring from monitoring overview section. But now we want to enable monitoring for that server and as checked we are unable to find server in monitoring overview section in disabled state. We also checked on server and services showing in active/running state. Kindly let us know what can be the cause for this issue and resolution


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

You may just need to access the hosts view and set your timeframe to one when the agent was still reporting. Then you can access the host and click on the three dots ... to access the 'edit' button. In there you can access settings and if if possible you'll be able to flip the switch and restore monitoring.

Thanks for your suggestion. But that server is not even showing now in host section even if I tried to change timeframe when it was working.

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