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Upcoming webinar (hot topic!): Runtime Optimization

Community Team
Community Team

📅 When: July 8, 2021

:zoom: Where: REGISTER HERE


This performance clinic season aims to help developers build and deliver better quality software using Dynatrace.

In the previous episodes, you learned how Dynatrace automates observability from Dev to Ops environments, how to analyze distributed traces in real time (we call them PurePaths) to detect code or performance hotspots and how to automate code evaluation as part of your development process and delivery pipelines. You learned about automated performance validation and release comparison through intelligent quality gates and were introduced into the concepts of SLOs (Service Level Objectives). You learned how to compare releases with Dynatrace and find the performance degradation down to the functional step and code level.


Episode 4, hosted by @andreas_grabner and @sergio_hinojosa focuses on the Runtime Optimization:

  • You'll learn how to analyze Memory Allocation issues on a release.
  • You'll understand the impact of Garbage Collection, the allocated objects and where are these objects coming and its size in Memory.
  • You'll deep dive more in CPU issues, how to analyze them from the bottom up, from the Host and process all the way to the calling methods and test steps.
  • Finally, we will analyze a threading issue and the impacted transactions.

Join us for the season finale and make sure to bring your questions for live Q&A!

Keep calm and build Community!

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Thank you for sharing this @Karolina_Linda! I'll be sure to attend! 


DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

Thank you for the reminder, all registered.   @andreas_grabner always does an amazing job with these webinars.  Anyone new to DT I highly recommend attending, I learn something new every time I watch them.


Totally agree!

We'll be reminding more often about the upcoming webinars as not everyone follows the Webinars page on the Dynatrace website 🙂 Of course you can watch the recording afterwards, but using the opportunity to ask questions live is something that many people find super valuable 🙂 

Keep calm and build Community!

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