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Weblogic 12 - service not aggregating automatically

Hi everybody,


is anybody monitoring weblogic 12 (or more advanced version of weblogic)?
If so, is anyone having aggregating issues when a service is deployed on it?

In my case services deployed on a weblogic 12 cluster are being splitted by the properties  "Web server name" while context root and Web application ID are the same.

I'm trying to understand if this is depending on some properties specific to wl12 or the way a service is being deployed.

Thanks to anybody who will help me out 🙂



Hi @y_buccellato did you fix it? 


I have the same in my place but only with Cluster restart cluster property appears and merge the services, in dynamical environments we cannot restart the server every time that is created a new Instance. 


Thanks in advance. 



Hi @Jenifer our problem was that from weblogic version 12 on, the services discovered by Dynatrace were being splitted for each node of the weblogic cluster [the service should have been unique and not splitted].


In order to overcome this situation [in order to unite all the services for the same weblogic cluster] we adopted this solution that implies a tagging strategy:


1. we understood we had to gor for a Service Detection Api (rule) > in particular a Detection Rule for a service of type: "Full Web Request"


2. to do so we first had to create a token with the right permissions for Dynatrace Configuration API


3. to make the rule apply we had to find a common criterion to our use case:
 > We decided to automatic tag all weblogic process group major than version 12  and the services on top of it.
> we then pushed the POST api that stated: for each service tagged with the "tag above" aggregate services based on property applicationID, contextRoot and serverName before the delimiter "_"

The final result pushed with the POST was a payload of this kind:

  "type": "FULL_WEB_REQUEST",
  "metadata": {
    "configurationVersions": [
    "clusterVersion": "1.xxxxxxxxx"
  "managementZones": [],
  "id": "11242ff0-b27a-42c2-9a9b-zxxxxxx",
  "name": "SCRsdr",
  "description": "Aggrega correttamente tutti i web request services esposti da weblogic ver > 11g",
  "enabled": true,
  "conditions": [
      "attributeType": "PG_TAG",
      "compareOperations": [
          "type": "TAG",
          "compareKeyOnly": false,
          "tags": [
              "context": "CONTEXTLESS",
              "key": "wlstagsdr"
  "applicationId": null,
  "contextRoot": null,
  "serverName": {
    "transformations": [
        "type": "BEFORE",
        "delimiter": "_"
    "valueOverride": null


Hope this can help you move one your issue,


Ps while the documentation is generally very clear on Dynatrace help, in this case [Service Detection API] we found it a little bit harder to read and apply.



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@Jenifer You can adjust some parameters as described in the documentation:

If it does not work for you, then you will need to setup service detection rules: You can find more information here:

or in the documentation itself:

Certified Dynatrace Master | Alanata a.s., Slovakia, Dynatrace Master Partner


Thanks for your comments, at that time we were going through an outage of licenses and since some nodes were not covered by the quota, each time a license was assigned, the processes were identified separately.

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