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What does Correlsense have that Dynatrace doesn't?


What does Correlsense have that Dynatrace doesn't? I recently came across an email sent from a colleague where a 3rd party vendor uses Correlsense to monitor application performance since Dynatrace wasn't compatible with C# based software and the 3rd party vendor didn't want to expose their code with an agent. I have a few ideas and thoughts on this, but wanted to ask the "forum" if anyone else had any experience with this "other" product?


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DynaMight Guru

I haven't used Correlsense APM, but for a C# application you should be all set with dynatrace, no need to modify the codebase of the application.

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@Bill S. Correlsense doesn't have anything that Dynatrace don't have. They are also agent based from their server side and are doing byte code instrumentation like Dynatrace is doing. Additionally, they are longer to implement and require a deep knowledge of the application, whereas Dynatrace automatic capabilities provides the value faster and better.

I've seen them severel times in our territory, being an Israeli company, and there was nothing they could do and we could not.

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