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What does 'incompletely detected database' means?

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DynaMight Pro



I started to see this "incompleely" services after upgrading to 1.164.

AFIK this services is a basket of "broken"/"Corrupted" purepath. That before showed as missing data and now it shows like this.

When checking different purepath, all of them said something about OneAgent reported an error or things like that. Maybe check with support?

Thanks for your sharing.

Indeed, after hearing you, I check on the purepath and see this:

Also FYI, my OA here is 1.163. So.....seems to be not related to OA version.

That's okay, im at managed 1.164 with OA 1.163.

I thinks it's a 1.164 Managed/SaaS improvement of how missing data is shown.

Yes, looks like this is the case. Seeing the same on multiple customers. Found nothing in the release notes about it though

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Yes, viewing incomplete/corrupted purepaths is a feature of 1.164.
Before this version you were not able to view the PurePath at all or it resulted into error displayed in the GUI.

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That is a good feature in itself. Wondering though why there is a duplicated service, even if all necessary information for the mapping to the correct service seems to be there.

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