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What does it means by sensitivity in Anomaly Detection Setting?

I couldn't come across any material in documentation that talks about this. Anyone has any idea?

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Wai Keat



Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

This is the explanation from here:

If you need static thresholds rather than the baseline-based alerting approach, change from automated mode to fixed thresholds, as shown below. The sensitivity controls the level of statistical confidence required to raise an event. Low sensitivity means a high confidence is required, and vice versa. For example, to see events immediately, even if only a few data points have breached the threshold, select high sensitivity.



You have the documentation here :

For Fixed thresholds.



When we said "Low sensitivity means a high confidence is required, and vice versa"

I am wondering if there is any more elaboration in documentation that explains what it means by confidence?

It's confidence in the statistical sense, as to what goes into that I do not know and I have not seen it described in detail. I can forward this to some folks to see if they consider it appropriate to expand on it.

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