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🎥 What is Dynatrace and how to get started (Aug 2023)

Community Team
Community Team

Is my app up and running? How are my users using our latest version? Do I meet my SLOs? Do we have any new vulnerabilities? Are there any new error logs in my microservice on K8s? Do I have any hotspots in my serverless distributed traces?

Dynatrace provides all those answers: automated and in the granularity you need, supported by our own Davis AI.

Watch this tutorial with Andi Grabner @andreas_grabner to learn everything you need to know about the Dynatrace Platform, follow the hands-on tutorials to analyze K8s workloads, identify problematic distributed traces, understand security vulnerabilities, and let the Dynatrace Davis AI help you understand the root cause of issues impacting your SLOs.

Links discussed in this webinar:
Sign up for Dynatrace: 
Dynatrace Getting Started Tutorial GitHub Repo:


Chapter List:
00:00 - Introduction
01:02 - What you'll learn today
01:38 - Follow my steps
04:15 - What is Dynatrace
10:02 - How Dynatrace Helps You!
11:68 - Hands-On: Discover Dynatrace Playground
25:23 - Hands-On: The Magic of Dynatrace Davis AI
40:39 - Hands-On: Analyzing Kubernetes Workloads
48:00 - Hands-On: Application Security
52:35 - Hands-On: Business Analytics
54:52 - Hands-On: Workflows
56:32 - Hands-On: More Use Cases
56:48 - Start your own Dynatrace Journey
58:00 - Live Q&A

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