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What is causing bad Apdex rating?


I'm new to Dynatrace Managed and not sure how to find out what is causing a bad Apdex Rating of my page.

When I open my Application I can see several metrics, one of them is the Apdex metric. But I can't find any details about it. I can compare it to other timeframes, but that is not interesting for me. Is there a way to get further details on which calls are causing this bad Apdex?






Typically you'll get a bad Apdex rating from either a poor response time or Javascript errors. Javascript errors are harsher in the rating as in the user response time might be okay but if an error occurs will be marked as frustrated.

From applications view, click on 'view full details' in the top 3 user actions section. That'll will point you to the transactions that are making up the overall application apdex rating.

Hi @Matthew E.,

Thank you for the insight.

But within the Details-View of the top 3 User actions there is no possibility to see the Apdex rating per request type right?

Would be a nice feature to have a list of requests and the possibility to order them by their rating.



Hi All,

I agree with @Gerald M. . Today we(Dynatrace users) know where to find the information. However, for some users who are not used to work with Dynatrace, see what is causing a bad Apdex indice is very hard and not Always you can report every single frustated action, due to your application has too many pages and accesses..

That's a point I was requested to get more informations about impovements...


Caio MR

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion
Adding to Matt's answer, under the settings page for your application (can be accessed from the '...' icon and then 'edit'), you can set the threshold of response time for the Apdex rating (or find it out if unaware of it).

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