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What is the best practice for restore deleted entities in Dynatrace SaaS


I am looking for the best practices.
Because this functionality is not exposed to API and if we have a lot of users with "write" rights, it is always a risk to delete an entity and configurations.

Since POST API creates a brand new entity ID, I don't consider it as restore functionality.


DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader


Please take a look closer in API limitations described in initial post.
You can't delete-> restore
Only one option delete->create new entity

The simple example - delete key user action, create new one - and build a table from data explorer.
It will 2 key user actions with the same name. Because they indeed have different ids.
How Monaco(API wrapper) will restore deleted entity if there no such option in API?)

For many entities such as applications or dashboards you can create the entity with a specific ID by using PUT instead of POST method (Configuration API).

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1) For many entities like key user action api - dynathe just has not PUT methods.
2) For some entities like application properties - you can't do it (you will get elastic cache error back usually)
So this not consistent solution for dynatrace.

BTW Are you used in PUT for for restore deleted entities? If yes with which?
With app configs if is not working (#2 conflicts)

Yes, it depends, it's not possible for all types of configurations.

The solution is to setup the access permissions so users won't delete entities. If you don't trust your users, don't give them permission to break things.

With great power comes great responsibility.

Certified Dynatrace Master | Alanata a.s., Slovakia, Dynatrace Master Partner

"The solution is to setup the access permissions so users won't delete entities."
With all respect - it is not a solution, because denied collaboration. Every make mistakes over time. 

The main thing what usually designed for every application which have a sensitive data: backup and RESTORE. This is the SaaS service, that mean it should be triple attention on data recovery since customers trust to store information in service and configurations source of true are here as well .

Important point that dynatrace has 30days cache(maybe more) and Ops can restore deleted items based on support ticket. But there no good solution for "dynatrace as service" for end users.

I just hope that "version history" created for new features later will muted later to versioning history for all "environment" as entity and it will be possible to just restore environment version in 1 api call/click. But afraid it will be 20Y later.

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