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Where go I find




I installed the Linux Agent using the command here on the account site :

wget -O"https://[env_id]" --header="Authorization:xxx"


but I can't locate the file that I need to pass to the JVM arguments. Where do I get this from? The download link on this page: just hangs and never returns.


Please help at the earliest as we are in evaluation phase and looking to purchase a license asap.




Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader


You seem to be confusing two products, our old product AppMon and our current flagship product Dynatrace. You should not be considering or looking at the old product, as it's EOL is just two months away.

The "wget" command you showed is the correct way to download the Dynatrace agent. I assume that https://[env_id]  is your tenant. If you use the Deploy Dynatrace left menu it will walk you thru the commands necessary to download and install the OneAgent on your Linux host. The 'wget" is the first of two commands you need, so you're close you just need to execute the downloaded file.

There is no need to 'locate' the file and no need to add it to the JVM arguments. That's the old AppMon way of installing an agent, Dynatrace does not use that old technique and will automatically inject into any running JVMs on the host where OneAgent is installed.

Please confirm you're evaluating Dynatrace and not AppMon. That should be step one to get you moving forwards.



Thanks for the detailed answer Joe. Yes, I used the wget installation steps to install Dynatrace OneAgent.

I'm now clear that AppMon is the old product and can confirm I'm not using it. I'm only using the newer Dynatrace OneAgent. It's pretty slick that agentlib no longer needs to be passed to the JVM!

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