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Where is this new option to enable Dynatrace Application Security?

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Where exactly is the new option to enable this new "Application Security" that was announced?

I have looked all over for the setting and not finding it. Also all our OneAgents are up to date.


Is there an additional cost to using this?

I also looked for documentation on this and can not seem to located anything on it yet.


Dynatrace Application Security protects your applications in complex cloud environments


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Hey Larry! we had similar questions and the funny thing was that our guardian had a meeting just after our coaching session where they were going to go over these same questions. Once I hear back ill be sure to share with you that information.


Whew! At least I know it's not just me then. Thanks Chad!

I guess it is a feature flag and has to be enabled by DevOps team or it will be enabled in an upcoming release.

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@Larry R. - you must be one of the lucky few! I don't see that option in our tenant UI. We are on version 1.206.95. I'm also curious about the new SLO/SLI feature.

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Im in 207, it seems that was released today, SLO might be enabled by default now, didn't have it in 206.

Can't find any option for the Security so far in 207.

Oh I don't have it 🙂 That screenshot I took directly from the video Dynatrace published. I don't see anything for it in our tenants. I can't really find anything on this yet in terms of options, cost, or any other documentation outside of the article.

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OK, i kind of found (or at least something..) it? In 207 is inside the Dynatrace Hub:

But dot show how to enable it:

hhhhhmmmm... Starting to think maybe the article release went out a bit early 🙂

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

hey @Larry R. and others,

yeah, we realized that the communication was not a 100% clear, sorry about that 🙂
so here's what I can tell you right now:

  • where exactly is it?
    you cannot see it right now, as it is not visible per default yet from customer perspective ... "just flipping a switch" was more about that you already have the OneAgent in place and it's just flipping a switch (= feature flag) on our end 😉
  • how do I get it?
    I suggest to ask the sales representative of your trust ... which brings me to the next question ...
  • is there additional cost to it?
    yes, there is. your SR should be able to give you all the answers about that
  • where is the public documentation?
    it's already prepared and should go live soon ... I can't tell you when exactly right now, though

I hope this answers your most burning questions up to now ... and that your interest in using Dynatrace Application Security is as high as our motivation building it 😉

and one more quick update: as you already figured, it will also be integrated into the Dynatrace Hub, making it easier to find and use in the future! 🙂


UPDATE Dec 10: ... and since today the public doc is also live 🙂

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Thanks for the Update @Christian S. !

Thank you for the clarification!

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