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Why don't we have automation for UI Changes?

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

It boggles my mind why UI changes are negatively impacting our dashboards. I understand the need to make updates and changes, but I fully expect Dynatrace to formulate a script for their customers to remediate these changes within their environments across all dashboards. 


For example, We leverage Markdown Tiles as they provide more manipulation then regular title tiles. If you use hashtag, or pound... depending on your age, it would change the font size, you could combine 3 ### to get a desired font size. But as you can see, with an update the ###<Text> is no longer valid: 



To correct this, we needed to put ## <TEXT>



So why is it that this isn't automatically remediated via scripts for the customer? Now we need to check out thousands of user dashboards to correct this? or at the very least hold an informative session or email blast on how to change this? 


These changes and upgrades are needed yes, but the precision in execution and minimizing customer impact really needs to be improved upon. 




I couldn't agree more.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

There are som many dynamic changes are happening in Dynatrace as technology world too. I agree that adapting to the fast paced world is hard so do for Dynatrace changes unless you are in Dynatrace product team. A little heads up will be appreciated which having those rapid changes. Same happened for me in a. customer place when Data explorer came in and we had to migrate from custom charts to data explorer charts in more than 100s of dashboards. 

Love more, hate less; Technology for all, together we grow.

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